Tamiya Super Avante - A legend reborn

The original Avante has been one of the most popular RC kits for decades, and helped shape the perception of what an RC buggy can be. Now this new version is ready to do the same for the next generation of RC racers.

This is more than just a reworked body design though. Much more. The Super Avante is the first car ever to use the all-new TD4 chassis, which uses a wide range of clever technical designs to offer more speed and a much more balanced chassis. The motor is now positioned centrally in the chassis, with cooling ducts to ensure durability, just like the battery pack is now placed longitudinally in the car, providing a much more even weight distribution in the car, greatly improving handling.

The suspension design is completely redesigned as well, with inboard pust-rod suspension at the front, combined with horizontal CVA oil dampers. The TD4 has double wishbones front with A-arms front and rear, with the possibility of adjusting camber angles at the front. Similarly the large rear wing is adjustable, providing high/low downforce setup options. The car has ball bearings throughout the drivetrain as well as ball differentials to minimise power loss and friction.

Note: The car is delivered w/o ESC and motor.

Body Design by Kota Nezu

The original Avante designs has been reinterpreted by Kota Nezu from znug designs, and features many references to the original. The car comes with a driver figure, just like the original, but has clear sections throughout its body to beautifully present the technical solutions on the car. Most strikingly though is the incredibly low profile of the car, made possible by the components positioned centrally and low in the chassis.


  • Self assembly model kit
  • Shaft-driven 4WD system
  • Type 540 motor positioned centrally
  • Push-rod suspension with CVA oil dampers at the front
  • Adjustable rear spoiler
  • Ball bearings throughout
  • Ball differentials front and rear
  • Battery pack mounted transversally in the car


  • Length: 387 mm
  • Width: 246 mm
  • Height: 117 mm
  • Wheelbase: 283 mm

What you need:

We've created the "NiMH Charger+battery pack", and "Transmitter & Servo Starter Kit" do help you get started as quickly as possible. You can easily add both to your cart at the top of this page.