Tamiya Porsche 911 Carrera RSR TT-02 RC Touring Car

The Porsche 911 is probably the most enduring and iconic sportscar of all times. Displayed to the public for the first time on the 1963 Frankfurt Motor Show, the 911 has been through numerous generations and is still going strong more than 50 years later as one of the most popular and best handling sportscars available.

Being a Porsche, the 911 of course has a significant track record in racing and winning in pretty every eligible racing class in the world - including the Dakar Rally! It's from that racing heritage the Carrera RSR was born. This version, constructed for racing in the Group 4 class of the early 70's, packs a 2.8 six cylinder boxer engine with 308 hp and won 10 races - finishing the year in a majestic manor by winning the legendary Targa Florio race.

One of only 57 cars built, this #8 car is a replica of the car raced by the Martini Racing / Porsche Stuttgart team in 1973 and which today is part of the magnificent Porsche Museum in Stuttgart.

Tamiya TT-02 Chassis

Being a Porsche, it makes sense to use the Tamiya TT-02 touring car chassis, as it is durable, extremely well-handling, popular and much like the 911, can handle pretty much anything. The chassis is a shaft-driven 4x4, but if you want the proper RWD 911 RSR drive, the front wheel drive can be disconnected. The TT-02 chassis is very well balanced and with double wishbone suspension. The handling of the car can be adjusted to perfection, with adjustable ride height and wheelbases.

The Tamiya 911 RSR packs a ton of details to please the 911 afficionados and comes with proper Fuchs wheels and replica disc brakes.

One of the other benefits of the TT-02 chassis is the huge array of options and tuning parts available - so if you want to treat your Tamiya 911 with more power, better suspension or chassis upgrades, there's tons of stuff to choose from!


  • Bathtub-type Frame Shaft Driven 4WD
  • Front/Rear 4-Bevel Resin Differentials
  • 3-Piece Steering Tie-Rod
  • 4-Wheel Double Wishbone Suspension
  • Front/Rear Friction Dampers
  • Gear Ratio = 8.27:1 (9 further ratios from 11.38:1 to 7.28:1 possible with use of separately-sold pinion)
  • Type 540 Motor


  • 1/10 scale RC model assembly kit
  • Length: 457mm
  • Width: 204mm
  • Height: 136mm
  • Wheelbase: 251mm
  • Tire Width/Diameter: 27/67mm (Front), 32/67mm (Rear)

What you need:

We've created the "NiMH Charger+battery pack", and "Transmitter & Servo Starter Kit" do help you get started as quickly as possible. You can easily add both to your cart at the top of this page.