Tamiya Landfreeder Quadtrack 58690 (TT-02FT) 1/10 Electric RC Car Kit

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Tamiya Landfreeder Quadtrack RC Rock Crawler

Tamiya decided to design something new and unique for 2021 and came up with this: The Tamiya Landfreeder Quadtrack. By replacing the tires with four track units Tamiya takes RC rock crawling to another level, with a 1/10 scale car that can cross almost anything. The tracks offer an extreme degree of traction and grip, and feel well at home in mud, snow and other conditions that might otherwise be a challenge for a 1/10 RC car.

The car comes with two different track links to allow to finetune your car to the surface. The tracks each feature a sprocket and four rollers, with the third one being sprung to enhance suspension performance and grip.

The Tamiya Landfreeder Quadtrack comes with a pre-painted black polycarbonate body with separately molded parts for the fog lights, grille and roll cage.

A new Tamiyas TT-02 Chassis type

While the Tamiya TT-02 chassis is available in a wide variety of types and is extremely popular on RC Touring Cars, the new TT-02FT brings something entirely new and unique to the table. While the chassis maintains the extreme reliability and user friendliness the TT-02 is known for, the TT-02FT is a different beast in terms of purpose.

The new TT-02FT chassis is instead a purpose built rock crawling and offroading chassis, meant to cater to those who wish to conquer the terrain instead of the race track. However, as with all other TT-02 chassis', there is a wealth of options and tuning parts available for the TT-02FT, allowing you to adjust and upgrade your Landfreeder Quadtrack to suit your needs.


  • Separately molded parts for the body.
  • Bathtub-type Frame Shaft Driven 4WD.
  • 4-Bevel Resin Differentials front and rear.
  • 3-Piece Steering Tie-Rod.
  • Polycarbonate body pre-painted in black.
  • Separate plated parts recreate grille cover, fog lamps and roll bar.
  • Each track is 39.3mm wide with a contact area of 60mm in length.
  • Two types of tracks are included for adjusting setup.
  • Polycarbonate chassis cover and wheel well liners protect electronics from dust and dirt encountered off-road.
  • TT-02 four-bevel differentials and identical suspension arms are used.
  • Comes with Tamiya CR Torque Tuned Motor and TBLE-04S ESC.


  • RC model assembly kit in scale 1/10.
  • Length: 425mm
  • Width: 247mm

What you need:

  • 2 channel Radio w/ receiver and servo
  • 7.2V NiMH battery and suitable Charger
  • 4x AA Batteries for receiver

We've created the "NiMH Charger+battery pack", and "Transmitter & Servo Starter Kit" do help you get started as quickly as possible. You can easily add both to your cart at the top of this page.