Tamiya Lancia 037 Rally 58654 (TA-02) 1/10 Electric RC Car Kit

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Lancia 037 - A rally legend in RC form

The story of the Lancia 037 Group B rally car and is the stuff of legends. Loosely based on the Lancia Montecarlo, the 037 was developed specifically for one single purpose: To win the World Rally Championship.

The Lancia 037 made its racing debut in 1982, a season dominated by the superior 4-wheel driven Audi Quattros, but it wasn't before the 1983 season the legend of the Lancia 037 was truly written.

The rear-wheel drive Lancia 037 had been unable to challenge the Audi's in 1982, but for '83 the italian team decided to get smart. Not only did the get rally legend Walther Röhrl to drive for them, but they also thought out a series of clever solutions (some would say cheating) to win. Salting the snowy roads, changing tires mid-stage, and faking production numbers to gain homologation were just some of the tricks used to gain the advantage on Audi. This allowed them to take 6 wins throughout the season and ultimately win the Constructors championship, making the Lancia 037 the last rear-wheel drive car to win the WRC championship.

Tamiya Lancia 037 - recreating an icon

Tamiyas take on the legendary rally car, is a replica of the #1 car of Walther Röhrl an co-driver Christian Geistdörfer and is packed with details, like the metal light cases, plated replica wheels, windscreen wipers and separately molded mirrors and wings, making the 1/10 scale car look incredibly realistic. The car even includes detailed interior and driver and co-driver - and who doesn't want their own miniature Walther Röhrl!

The TA-02S chassis, on which the Tamiya 037 is based, is a shortened version of the standard TA-02, allowing the car the proper wheelbase and length to properly replicate the real thing. The tub-chassis has a shaft-driven 4WD system (front wheels can be disconnected to get the proper 037 experience) with a gear differential front and ball differential rear.

The suspension setup consists of fully independent double wishbones, with oil-filled CVA dampers and a 3-piece steering tie-rod. The wheels are plated replicas of the ones fitted to the Lancia 037 and come equipped with racing semi-slicks.

Probably as iconic as the car itself is the Martini livery. They are easily fitted to the ABS plastic body after painting, ensuring a strong, beautiful body that can take quite a beating round your backyard tarmac and gravel rally stages.


  • TA-02S shaft-driven 4WD chassis
  • Light cases for headlights, taillights and fog lamps in metal.
  • Side mirrors and windshield wipers are made using separate parts.
  • Including driver and co-driver.
  • Includes 540-Type brushed motor


  • Model assembly kit
  • Length: 422mm
  • Width: 186mm
  • Height: 132mm.

What you need:

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