Tamiya Ball Differential Set (TT-01 / TT-02) #53663

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Tamiya TT-01 and TT-02 Tuning Parts - Ball differential Set

The Tamiya Ball Differential Set is a differential set with limited slip, which means the differential will continue adding power to the wheel when its spinning, unlike the standard gear differential that only deploys power to the wheel when it has grip. This provides much improved speed when exiting corners, as it allows the driver to add power even when the car is sliding and allowing the car to slide more (oversteer).

Fits on:

  • Tamiya TT-01 (Type-E, Type-ES, and D)
  • Tamiya TT-02 (incl. D)
  • Tamiya TT-02 Type-S (requires 53806 TT-01 Ball Diff Cup Joint for Universal Shaft)
  • Tamiya TT-02B *(Front: Add MB16 6mm O-ring into cup joint. Rear: Add MB16 into N1)
  • Tamiya DF-02

Product ID: 53663