Tamiya Audi V8 - A DTM Legend now in 1/10

The begin of the 1990's was probably the hottest era for the German DTM championship. The grids where packed with cars and on track, Mercedes 190E Evo's battled for dominance against BMW E30 M3s, Opel Omegas and Audi V8's. The latter stood out from the rest of the pack, with its limousine size and Quattro 4-wheel drive. 4-wheel drive had always been deemed too heavy for competition purposes, but after having proved the critics wrong in rallying and IMSA, Audi took to the racing tracks of Europe to prove the benefits of the Quattro system.

The Audi V8 Touring Car made DTM debut in 1990 and it didn't take long for the big Audi to prove its racing capabilities - Hans-Joachim Stuck took second place in the second race of the season and went on to win the championship, having taken 7 race wins.

The wins didn't stop there though, as Frank Biela won the championship in his Audi V8 a year later. The 1992 turned out less well though, as Audis new flatplane crankshaft was deemed too different from its roadgoing counterpart, and therefore illegal within the DTM ruleset. Audi withdrew from the championship but the Audi V8 had once again proven the benefits of the Quattro system and the V8 engine

The perfect blend of fun and fast

Tamiyas version of the fast, german saloon wears the colours of Frank Bielas 1991 championship winning car and is packed with fantastic details to make this a a realistic replica. Based on the popular Tamiya TT-02 platform, the car has shaft-driven four wheel drive, with 4-bevel differentials front and rear. Combined with the double-wishbone suspension and racing slick tires, the car offers massive grip and agile handling.

The TT-02 chassis is incredibly well balanced with the motor mounted in the rear, and electronics and battery mounted centrally. The car is a great fit for both beginners and novices alike, as the car is both easy and fun to drive with predictable handling and tons of grip and speed. With a wide range of suspension setup adjustments on the car, along with various gearbox ratios and wheelbase settings to choose between, there's hours of fun in making tweaks to the setup, to get driving characteristics and speed just right for how you like it.

Should you ever require more, the TT-02 chassis offers an almost unlimited range of tuning and customization parts, so you'll never get tired of pushing the Audi V8 to it's limits.


  • Two-piece mesh wheels (Item 50548 design) have silver color rims and gold color spokes. They are paired with racing slick tires.
  • 4-bevel differential gears and 4-wheel double wishbone suspension make for smooth driving.
  • Includes 540 Torque-Tuned motor.


  • Model assembly kit
  • Scale 1/10
  • Length: 463mm
  • Width: 188mm
  • Height: 138mm Wheelbase: 257mm 
  • Tire Width/Diameter: 26/66mm (Front/Rear)

What you need:

We've created the "NiMH Charger+battery pack", and "Transmitter & Servo Starter Kit" do help you get started as quickly as possible. You can easily add both to your cart at the top of this page.