Tamiya Fighting Buggy - Limited Edition

Tamiya Fighting Buggy was originally launched in 1982 under the name Super Champ outside of Japan. Now it's back as a "Limited Edition" launch for a very limited time, 36 years after it originally made its debut in hobby stores worldwide.

The relaunched version has been given a new name, which is the same as the one used by the original Japanese release. While offering a number of improvements and upgrades, Tamiya's designers have taken care to preserve the original's handling, appearance and characteristics.


  • Self assembly model kit
  • 2.5mm thick chassis plate in FRP
  • Body in strong ABS plastic with roof panel and wing in aluminum
  • Redesigned stickers
  • Double Trailing Arms front
  • Transverse rear shock absorber with separate oil reservoir.
  • Studded rear tires and front tires with ribs give just the right buggy look.
  • Die-cast suspension arms and gearbox housing
  • Oil-filled shock absorbers
  • 540 'Silver Can' Motor

What you need:

We've created the "NiMH Charger+battery pack", and "Transmitter & Servo Starter Kit" do help you get started as quickly as possible. You can easily add both to your cart at the top of this page.