RPM Front Bumper and Skid Plate for Traxxas Sledge

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RPM Front Bumper for Traxxas Sledge

The strong RPM Front Bumper with Skidplate for Traxxas Sledge has a unique design that works with the Sledge body mounting mechanism. Traxxas designed the body mounting system to move forward instead of backward. Because it moves forward by a good 25 mm, it significantly limits the design of the bumper. However, RPM's engineers have found a solution that incorporates a fully functional bumper into the unique body mounting system.

RPM's solutions remove the original bumper and replace it with a hinge bolt holder, as realistically that's all the original bumper really is. Next, we removed the original skid plate in favor of a wider, longer and more protective skid plate. Finally, we bolted a unique bumper to the front of the skid plate. RPM's solution sits under the body, giving the body's mounting system full freedom of movement, yet the Sledge finally has a hard, RPM-protected front end.

Each component is molded in black plastic composite from RPM's unique blend of nylons for unmatched strength and durability. All RPM products are made in the USA and are covered by their limited lifetime warranty against breakage.

The RPM Front Bumper and Skid Plate are designed specifically for the Traxxas Sledge and replace the original Traxxas 9535 Bumper.


  • Traxxas Sledge

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