HPI Vintage Slick Racing Tire 26mm D Compound (2pcs) #4791

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HPI Racing 1/10 scale Vintage Racing tire #4791

Note: Tires must be used with the wide 26mm Vintage Wheels to fit!

Vintage and classic Trans Am racers, rejoice! In addition to our famous Vintage Treaded Racing Tyres, now you can equip your classic racer with Vintage Slick Racing Tyres for all-out racing action!

Fit these on any of our Vintage 26mm wheels for a super-cool look, and don't forget to get a pair of 31mm Vintage Slick Racing Tyres for the rear of your sweet ride!

31mm versions: #4792 VINTAGE SLICK RACING TIRE 31mm D COMPOUND (2pcs)

Includes foam inserts.

Optional on:

  • HPI Racing RS4 Sport 3 models,
  • HPI Racing E10 models