HPI Vintage Radial Tire 26mm D Compound (2pcs) #4793

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HPI Racing 1/10 scale Vintage sportscar radial tire #4793

Note: Tires must be used with the wide 26mm Vintage Wheels to fit!

To match the style of the super cool vintage sportscars, HPI designed these cool looking vintage tires with radial tread to give the perfect look, without sacrificing handling.

Fit these on any of our Vintage 26mm wheels for a super-cool look, and don't forget to get a pair of 31mm Vintage Radial Tires for the rear of your sweet ride!

31mm versions: #4792 VINTAGE RADIAL TIRE 31mm D COMPOUND (2pcs)

Includes foam inserts.

Optional on:

  • HPI Racing RS4 Sport 3 models,
  • HPI Racing E10 models