HPI Racing RS4 Sport 3 Drift Ford Mustang

This HPI RS4 Sport 3 Drift is a 1/10 scale replica of Vaughn Gittin Jr's Mustang drift racer. The car is dressed in the same black / silver colors with neon-green details, and with RTR Tech 7 rims and Nitto NT05 T-Drift tires - completely like Gittin's own drift racer!

The Mustang is delivered assembled and ready for use, and with a 2000mAh 7.2V NiMH battery and a wall charger, but we recommend adding extra batteries and a fast charger. The ESC provides flexibility in battery selection, allowing for both 2S LiPo or 7.2v NiMH batteries with Deans connectors. Of course, to get the most out of your HPI RS4, we recommend using 2S LiPo batteries.

HPI RS4 Sport 3 Drift Chassis

The RS4 Sport 3 is the finest chassis HPI offers in the RC Touring car class and in this version is set up for drifting. The chassis is cast in reinforced plastic, providing a very light and rigid base for the car. The drivetrain is incredibly well designed, with two easy-access differentials front and rear, both with metal gears for optimal durability. The double-wishbone suspension offers a very high degree of adjustability - You can adjust Squat and Dive, roll center, camber angles as well as shock mountings and the hardness of the oil-filled shocks themselves, allowing you to get the setup just perfect for your track and driving style.

The HPI RS4 Sport 3 features a completely sealed and highly efficient shaft drivetrain, coilover shock absorbers and waterproof electronics. An enclosed box houses the 2.4GHz radio receiver, ensuring that you have constant control through the HPI pistol-grip steering wheel transmitter.

Should you need more power from your HPI RS4 Sport 3 Drift, we have a very large selection of tuning parts for the car, just as there is also a wealth of carbon, aluminum and drifting tuning parts available.


  • Officially licensed Ford Mustang body in Vaugn Gittin colors.
  • Delivered fully Ready-To-Run with batteries and a charger.
  • Shaft driven 4WD system with differentials with metal gears.
  • Encased pinion and spur gear.
  • HPI Firebolt 15-turn motor and waterproof SC-3SWP2 ESC.
  • HPI 2.4GHz Pistol Grip radio system.
  • Battery box fits standard LiPo batteries & up to 7-cell NiMH.
  • Battery position is adjustable for extra traction or increased steering.
  • Enclosed receiver case protects electronics from sand and water.
  • Double-wishbone suspension design front and rear.
  • Oil-filled shock absorbers.
  • Ball bearings throughout the drivetrain.


  • Length: 431mm
  • Height: 127mm
  • Width: 200mm
  • Wheelbase: 254mm

What you need:

  • Nothing! But we recommend getting extra batteries and a quick charger.