HPI Racing Steering Upgrade Set (6x10x3mm ball bearings, 4pcs) #B045

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HPI Racing sparepart #B045

Replace the standard bushings with ball bearings for smoother steering, better feel and a more direct steering response.

The B045 Steering Upgrade Set replaces the stock plastic bushings in your steering setup with high grade ball bearings, which reduce the effort needed by your steering servo to turn the wheels of your RC car while also lengthening the life of the servo as well.

Standard on:

  • HPI Racing Vorza Flux

Optional on:

  • HPI Racing Trophy Buggy Flux,
  • HPI Racing Trophy Buggy 3.5,
  • HPI Racing Trophy Truggy Flux,
  • HPI Racing Trophy Truggy 4.6,
  • HPI Racing Savage XL Flux.