HPI #120044 - RF-41WP Receiver (2.4Ghz/3Ch)

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HPI Racing sparepart #120044

The waterproof RF-41WP receiver allows you to take your RC vehicle anywhere you can dream. This is the ideal upgrade for your RC vehicle, and is usable with any HPI TF-41. Simply bind and drive and have fun with your friends thanks to crystal-free 2.4GHz technology!

The RF-41WP features waterproof protection for a true go-anywhere RC experience, allowing you to drive in mud, rain and snow. With the failsafe protection system, you have peace of mind no matter what RC vehicle you drive.

RF-41WP Receiver Features

  • Waterproof RF-41WP receiver, works with HPI TF-41 transmitter only
  • Digital 2.4GHz technology
  • Simple radio binding steps
  • Adjustable built-in failsafe
  • Automatic frequency-hopping design finds channels without interference
  • Run your HPI kit with other drivers without worrying about frequencies!
  • 3 channel for extra functions
  • 6V 35mA power input

Please note: The TF-41 transmitter will only work with the RF-41WP receiver. It is not compatible with the RF-40 or any other HPI receiver.