Hobbywing XeRun XR10 Justock 60A Brushless 1/10 Sensored ESC

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XeRun XR10 Justock Black Sensored ESC

Zero-timing Design

The XR10 JUSTOCK ESC is specifically designed for Zero-timing racing class. Its timing system has been permanently set to ZERO degree. Using the same branded motor and winding will ensure that every racer will have the same power system for 100% fair and competitive racing.

High Reliability & Durability

Reliable hardware combined with advanced software technology allows the XR10 JUSTOCK to not only provide high power output, but also overload protection of the ESC circuit.

High efficient Heat Dissipating System

The modified heatsink, which increases the surface area, combined with the HOBBYWING patented copper heat-conductive plates which are attached to the MOSFET board allows the internal heat to be quickly transferred to the heatsink for dissipation. With the high-performing detachable cooling fan, a highly reliable heat transfer system for maximum cooling is accomplished.

Small Footprint

With its compact design, the XR10 JUSTOCK fits most chassis from 1/10 touring cars, 1/12 pan cars as well as F1.

Single-button Programming & Factory Reset

The SET button on the ESC allows the user to easily program or factory reset the ESC with ease.

Regular Firmware Updates Free of Charge

You can upgrade the XR10 JUSTOCK with the Hobbywing USB LINK software, a multifunction LCD program box and a laptop. Hobbywing updates its ESC firmware regularly giving you upgraded features more often when available

  • Vehicles: 1/10 and 1/12 Touring Car / Buggy Competition cars (Especially Stock Class)
  • Motors: Sensorless Brushless Motors, Sensored Brushless Motors
  • KV Rating/T Count 2S LiPo: 1/10 Touring Cars ≥ 8.5T, 1/10th Buggies ≥11.5T. 3S LiPo: 1/10 Touring Cars≥13.5T, 1/10 Buggies≥17.5T
  • Recommended Hobbywing motors: Hobbywing QuicRun 3650 motors
  • Type: Scale 1/10
  • Brushed/Brushless: BL
  • Sensored/Sensorless: SD
  • Waterproof: No
  • Cont./Peak Current: 60A/380A
  • Input: 2-3S LiPo/6-9 Cells NiMH
  • BEC Output: 6V@2A
  • Size: 33.0x28.0x31.5mm
  • Weight: 46g

Wires & Connectors

  • Input Wires: Blue-14AWG-200mm*1/Black-14AWG-200mm*1
  • Output Wires: Red-14AWG-200mm*1/Yellow-14AWG-200mm*1/Orange-14AWG-200mm*1
  • Input Connectors: No
  • Output Connecotors: No

(Note: All the wire length above is the original length not the length you see from the outside.)


  • Size: 25x25x10mm
  • Voltage Range: 5-8.4V
  • Powered by: Powered by BEC

ESC Programing via

  • SET Button on ESC: Supported
  • LED Program Box: Supported
  • LCD Program Box: Supported
  • WiFi Module: Supported
  • Programming Wire: Programming/Throttle Wire
  • Firmware Upgrade: Supported