Hobbywing QuicRun 10BL120 Brushless 1/10 Sensored ESC

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Hobbywing QuicRun 10BL120 Brushless ESC

This QuicRun 10BL120 ESC is specially designed for beginners and intermediate rc drivers, for use with sensored and brushless motors. Built in the outstanding Hobbywing quality, the product is durable yet simple to operate. The ESC is designed for touring cars, buggies and F1 in 1/10 and 1/12 scale.

The ESC comes without plugs for the battery, they are purchased separately and mounted. Find connectors for your batteries here.

Works both with and without sensor

The ESC can work for motors both with and without a sensor. If the motor has a sensor, this connector is connected, and if the motor is without a sensor, the sensor cable is simply omitted. Hobbywing calls this SD / SL Dual (Sensored / Sensorless) Drive Mode.

High Reliability & Durability

Reliable hardware combined with advanced software technology allows the QUICRUN 10BL120-SD to not only provide high power output but also overload protection of the ESC circuit.

Efficient Cooling System

Hobbywing patented heat-conductive copper bar cover on the power board of the QUICRUN 10BL120-SD, which can efficiently and effectively transfer heat to the integrated CNC machined billet aluminum heat sink housing, combined with high-performance cooling fan can keep your ESC as cool as possible.

Single-button Programming & Factory Reset

The SET button on the ESC allows the user to easily program or factory reset the ESC with ease.

  • Vehicles: 1/10 and 1/12 scale Touring Cars/Buggies/Drift Cars/F1
  • Motors: Sensorless Brushless Motors / Sensored Brushless Motors
  • Sensored/Sensorless: Dual mode available to work with both
  • Waterproof: No
  • Cont./Peak Current: 120A/760A
  • Input: 2S-3S LiPo/6-9 Cells NiMH
  • BEC Output: Linear Mode: 6V/3A
  • Size: 33x28x31.5mm (w/ Fan)
  • Weight: 105g
  • 2S LiPo: 1/10 Touring Cars ≥4.5T, 1/10 Buggies ≥5.5T
  • 3S LiPo: 1/10 Touring Cars ≥10.5T, 1/10 Buggies ≥13.5T
  • Recommended motor: QuicRun 3650 Motor

Wires & Connectors
  • Input Wires: 12AWG
  • Output Wires: 12AWG
  • Input Connectors: No
  • Output Connectors: No

  • Size: 25x25x10.0mm
  • Voltage Range: 5-8.4V
  • Powered by: Powered by BEC

ESC Programing via
  • SET Button on ESC: Supported
  • LED Program Box: Supported
  • LCD Program Box: Not Supported
  • WiFi Module: Not Supported
  • Program Port: Program/Throttle Wire