Hobbywing EzRun 4268SD 2500kV Brushless Motor w/ Sensor

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Hobbywing EzRun 4268SD motor with Sensor for 1/8 scale cars

The new generation of brushless EzRun motors has received a large number of updates and improvements - the most important thing of course is that they now have sensors, so that you as a user get much better feedback and feeling with the car, due to the sharper response. The motor has a very high torque and power, and is designed for really strong accelerations. The motor works well for both novice and experienced RC drivers, especially when combined with the Hobbywing Max8 G2 ESC designed specifically for the EzRun 4268SD and 4278SD motors. The ESC is designed for those motors and will automatically identify which one is connected and adjust itself to provide the optimal feel and control depending on which of the two motors you are using. EzRun 4268SD is designed for Short Course Trucks, Buggies and Touring Cars in 1/8 scale.

A lower kV gives more torque for terrain, while a higher kV gives more revolutions and more speed for lightning-fast acceleration and top speed, but costs a little in terms of torque in the terrain.

High torque

The 4-pole design with sintered Nd-Fe-B magnets guarantees that the motor produces very large amounts of torque, a much faster acceleration response and a very stable power to the driveline.

Fantastic construction

The motor housing is made of hard anodized aluminum, the motor windings are wound by pure oxygen-free double-insulated copper wire, the advanced rotor structure is designed to handle high temperature using rare earth magnets, the output shaft is made of high-quality polished alloy steel, and the imported bearings which is implemented is high-precision metal placed in a minimum to zero friction, which in turn will guarantee strength, excellent performance, high durability and completely smooth motor operation.

The cooling fins on the motor housing have been given a new design that provides better cooling and the sensor housing, and the bearings provide even greater waterproofing than the previous motors without a sensor.

Compatible with EzRun MAX8 G2 ESC

When you pair the EzRun 4268SD motor with the Hobbywing EzRun MAX8 G2 ESC, the ESC and motor will give you great torque plus a very smooth and linear powerband. The ESC optimizes itself for the individual motor so you are guaranteed the best experience.


  • Applications: 1/8 scale Short Course Trucks, Buggies and Touring Cars.
  • Scale: 1/8
  • Brushless
  • Sensor / sensorless: Sensored
  • Poles: 4
  • KV: 2500
  • LiPo Compatibility: 2S-4S batteries
  • No load current: 4.8A
  • Outer dia.: 42 mm
  • Length: 68 mm
  • Shaft diameter: 5 mm
  • Weight: 343g
  • Timing: 0