What's the difference between Tamiya 540 motors?

January 09 2021 ‚Äď Kenneth Christensen

Tamiya offers a very wide range of electric Type 540 motors and figuring out their differences and benefits can be quite difficult. To help you get an overview of the range, as well as which is best suited to you and your type of driving.Whats the difference between Tamiya motors

Tamiya Type 540 Brushed Motors

Tamiya Mabuchi RS-540 "Silver Can"

The standard "Silver Can" motor is the stock motor in most Tamiya RC kits. It's a very all-round motor, designed to work on both on- and offroad surfaces. Most are made by Mabuchi, although a few are made by Johnson.

  • 27T brushed motor
  • Peak rpm: 14.000 rpm / 7.2V
  • Torque: 0.025 Nm / 7.2V.

Tamiya RS-540 Torque Tuned motor

The Tamiya Torque Tuned motor is perhaps the most popular upgrade from the "Silver Can", although it comes standard on some Tamiya kits. It offers a significant increase in power and top speed. It's very popular due to its low price and is a very easy tune-up as it works with all Tamiya ESC's.

  • 25T brushed motor
  • Peak rpm: 16.000 rpm / 7.2V
  • Torque: 0.030 Nm / 7.2V.

Tamiya RS-540 Sport Tuned motor

The Tamiya Sport Tuned motor is another very popular upgrade, as it offers vastly faster and more powerful than the "Silver Can" and Torque Tuned motor. Note: As this is 23T it does not run on Tamiyas TEU-105BK ESC that comes standard in some Tamiya kits.

  • 23T brushed motor
  • Peak rpm: 18.300 rpm / 7.2V
  • Torque: 0.034 Nm / 7.2V.

Tamiya RS-540 GT Tuned motor

The GT Tuned is one of Tamiyas slightly more niche motors, designed for Touring car racing with improved cooling and replaceable brushes. Despite being a 25T it offers more speed than the Sport Tuned, but the open endbell and softer brushes means it will require more maintenance.

  • 25T brushed motor
  • Peak rpm: 19.000 rpm / 7.2V
  • Torque: 0.049 Nm / 7.2V.

Tamiya Super Stock BZ, TZ and RZ

The Super Stock range are 23T racing motors, each with its own traits different types of tracks. The TZ has more torque for low speed tracks or endurance races and RZ offers slightly more RPM for sprint and high speed tracks. BZ is designed for offroad racing. All three have brush dampers, terminal heat sink and detachable chip capacitor and can be disassembled for maintenance. The RZ also features lay-down brushes for more RPM. 

  • 23T brushed motor
  • Peak rpm, 7.2V: TZ: 26.500 | RZ: 27.500 | BZ: 26.500
  • Torque: 0.049 Nm for all three

Tamiya Type 540 Brushless Motors

Tamiya TBLM-01

The brushless TBLM-01 motors are Tamiyas entry-level brushless motors without sensors. Available two levels of power from 16T to 12T. As these are brushless, the 16T has performance roughly equal to a brushed 23T motor. Thanks to its brushless design, it is maintenance-free and offers highly efficient performance. Tamiya recommends using these motors exclusively with Tamiyas TBLE-01 ESC.

  • 16T - 12T¬†brushless motor
  • Peak rpm at 7.2V: 16T: 17.800 rpm | 12T: 22.750 rpm
  • Torque: Not disclosed

Tamiya TBLM-01S

The Tamiya TBLM-01S motors are newer brushless range of motors with added sensors, providing rotor data to the ESC to allow for smoother driving and more torque at lower RPMs.  Available in versions from 16T to 10.5T. Tamiya recommends using these motors exclusively with Tamiyas TBLE-01 ESC.

  • 16T - 10.5T¬†brushless motor
  • Peak rpm at 7.2V: 16T: 16.500 rpm | 10.5T: 24.250 rpm
  • Torque: Not disclosed
  • KV: 16T: 2300 | 10.5T: 3370

Tamiya TBLM-02S

The most popular range of brushless Tamiya motors is by far the TBLM-02S and are well-suited for a wide range of purposes. Available in versions from 21.5T to 10.5T. Tamiya recommends using their TBLE ESCs for this range of motors - for the 10.5T version, make sure to add a cooling fan to the ESC. 

  • 21.5T - 10.5T¬†brushless motor
  • Peak rpm at 7.2V: 15.5T: 16.550 rpm | 10.5T: 24.250 rpm
  • Torque: Not disclosed
  • KV: 15.5T: 2300 | 10.5T: 3370

Tamiya Transpeed Octa Wind

Tamiyas Transpeed Octa Wind brushless motors is very fast racing motors, designed for specifically for onroad track racing. The Octa Wind has 8 windings, improved precision sensors and an all new sintered 12.5mm magnet. They are sensored and come in a range of power levels from 9.5T to 4.5T, with the 5T and 4.5T versions having improved cooling.

  • 9.5T - 4.5T¬†brushless motor
  • Peak rpm at 7.2V: 9.5T: 27.360 rpm | 4.5T: 55.440 rpm
  • Torque: Not disclosed
  • KV: 9.5T: 3800 | 4.5T:¬†7700

Tamiya HP Transpeed

Tamiyas Transpeed HP brushless motors is a range of extremely fast racing motors, designed for specifically for onroad track racing. Based on LRP X12 motors they are the highest spec motors Tamiya offers. Available in a range of versions, featuring differently sized rotors (12mm and 12.5mm) and different power levels from 9.5T to 4.5T. The 12mm version offers higher rpm but has less torque compared to the 12.5mm version. All Tamiya Transpeed motors are sensored and have variable timing. 

12.5mm Diameter rotor:

  • 7.5T - 3.5T¬†brushless motor w/ sensor
  • Peak rpm at 7.2V: 7.5T: 33.840 rpm | 6.5T: 38.800 rpm | 3.5T: 72.000 rpm
  • Torque: Not disclosed
  • KV: 7.5T: 4700 | 6.5T: 5400 | 3.5T: 10.000

12mm Diameter rotor:

  • 9.5T - 6.5T¬†brushless motor w/ sensor
  • Peak rpm at 7.2V: 9.5T: 29.520 rpm | 8.5T: 31.680 rpm | 7.5T: 35.280 rpm | 6.5T: 41.040
  • Torque: Not disclosed
  • KV: 9.5T: 4100 | 8.5T: 4400 | 7.5T: 4900 | 6.5T: 5700

Other Tamiya Type 540 Motors

Tamiya CR Tuned

The CR Tuned motor is a brushed 35T motor for rock crawling. RPM is significally reduced, instead focusing on providing high torque, longer runtime and extremely precise throttle control to allow for super slow crawling and avoiding wheelspin.

  • 35T brushed motor
  • Peak rpm at 7.2V: 12.000 rpm
  • Torque: 0.036 Nm / 7.2V.

Tamiya Torque Tuned TR

A motor designed specifically for RC trucks, designed to haul trailers and heavy loads. The 33T brushed motor provides driving characteristics similar to the real semi trucks and adds the throttle precision at low speeds, needed for backing up to a trailer for example. The motor has ball bearings and and reduced power consumption allowing for longer runtime. 

  • 33T brushed motor
  • Peak rpm at 7.2V: 12.500 rpm
  • Torque: 0.039 Nm / 7.2V.

Tamiya Formula Tuned

The Formula tuned motors were designed for the Tamiya F1 racing series, that originally used the Mabuchi RS-540 "Silver Cans". However, as brushes are not replaceable on the "Silver Can", racers would use them a few times before throwing them out and replacing them with a new motor with fresh brushes. Instead, Tamiya launched the Formula Tuned motor, designed to perform as a RS-540 but with replaceable brushes. 

  • 32T brushed motor
  • Peak rpm at 7.2V: 14.000 rpm
  • Torque: 0.039 Nm / 7.2V.

Tamiya FL Tuned

Despite being a 30T motor, the Tamiya FL Tuned offers a noticeable power increase than the stock "Silver Can", with higher RPM and impressive torque. The motor is used in some race series and, as other race motors, it can be serviced with new brushes. Its popular for M-chassis cars and novice drivers looking for a bit more speed.

  • 30T brushed motor
  • Peak rpm at 7.2V: 15.200 rpm
  • Torque: 0.044 Nm / 7.2V.

Tamiya Dirt Tuned Motor

A lightly tuned brushed motor designed for racing in certain offroad racing classes and Tamiya Official Grand Prix races. Offers sligtly more speed than the stock "Silver Can" but has replaceable brushes and improved cooling for racing purposes. Features detachable chip-type noise reduction.

  • 27T brushed motor
  • Peak rpm at 7.2V: 17.000 rpm
  • Torque: 0.037 Nm / 7.2V.

Tamiya UGT Tuned Motor

The 24T UGT Tuned motor is the official motor for Tamiya Grand Prix racing for Touring and Rally cars. As a race motor it features heat sink and replaceable brushes.

  • 24T brushed motor
  • Peak rpm at 7.2V: 19.400 rpm
  • Torque: 0.049 Nm / 7.2V.


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